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Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead • Thursday, May 16, 2024

The growth of AI has led to many questions: What does this mean for jobs? How does this affect copyright law? How should we be teaching AI? These are all important questions—and this keynote will focus on none of them. Instead, you’ll probe deeper into a more existential question: What is my line when it comes to AI? What is my own ethical code? That code of ethics can help us answer other AI-related questions—but it is an answer only you can determine.

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is the founder of Digital Respons-Ability, a mission-based company that works with educators, parents and students to teach digital citizenship. Her company provides training to tens of thousands of students, parents, and educators across the country.

Carrie is a former librarian and TEDx speaker and regularly presents on technology, digital citizenship, education and parenting. She frequently writes and researches on technology and has been a regular contributor to ISTE and other sources. Carrie is the author of seven academic titles and won a 2021 Outstanding Reference Source List from the American Library Association for one of her books. She lives at home in Utah with her family.

Dana & George Glazer • Friday, May 17, 2024

Dana H. Glazer is an award-winning filmmaker who always wished he had a writing partner, but just never found the right one. One day, when sharing their mutual love of zombie movies with his then 11-year-old daughter, Georgia, Dana suggested they write a zombie book together as a way for Georgia to process some difficult events from that year. She loved the idea, and they plunged headfirst into the project, their first co-authored novel, Dawnah & the Darkhearts.

After devising the plot and the characters, they collaborated on the writing and editing process. Dana would draft a chapter and present it to Georgia, who would then edit and rewrite the story to authentically capture the point of view of a twelve-year-old girl. Dana marvels at how, when they are collaborating, their father/daughter relationship gives way to working together as creative equals.

Georgia and Dana still enjoy doing their usual activities together, camping, skiing, swimming, hiking, playing football and making silly games, but they now find themselves taking their shared experiences of family bonds, friendship, love and redemption and weaving them into their stories.

Georgia and Dana have always joked that they are “cut from the same cloth” – they both live and breathe storytelling. As an NYU graduate film student, Dana won a Student Academy Award, sold an original screenplay to Warner Brothers, and later produced the fatherhood documentary, The Evolution of Dad, which played at the White House. Georgia, at the age of seven, submitted a story to The Story Pirates Podcast which was adapted into a professionally produced song. In 2020, Georgia published the children’s book No Pizza! No Cake!

Dawnah & the Darkhearts is Georgia and Dana’s first book but certainly not their last! When not chasing their golden retriever, Percy, around in the backyard, skiing or watching horror movies, they are busily working on Dawnah’s next adventure.

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