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Call For Proposals

On behalf of Conference Planning Committee, we extend a warm invitation to educators like you to submit proposals for workshops and presentations at the 2024 Dynamic Landscapes Conference. This year’s event promises to be an exciting gathering at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, taking place on Thursday & Friday, May 16 & 17.

The Dynamic Landscapes conference is gearing up for an inspiring occasion, specifically tailored to K12 educators of all technological proficiency levels. Our primary objective is to facilitate professional development opportunities that are accessible to every educator, including those who are new to incorporating technology into their classrooms. This annual event serves as a nurturing community for educators eager to explore the potential of technology in enriching their teaching methods and boosting their personal productivity.

By participating in this conference, educators have a unique chance to connect with the heart of the teaching profession and contribute to the growth and empowerment of their fellow educators from diverse backgrounds. Join us at the Dynamic Landscapes conference, and become an integral part of an inclusive movement that is reshaping the educational landscape for all educators, regardless of their experience level with technology. Your expertise and insights are valuable, and we welcome your proposals to help make this event a resounding success.

NOTE: There is no submission deadline, but proposals will be reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis! If you wait too long, we may fill the agenda before you get reviewed!


Presentation/Lecture: 60 Minutes – What’s something that you’d like to share with your peers? Teach others a successful strategy or share about a new project that you’ve been working on. Venue may be an amphitheater/tiered lecture hall.

Hands-on Workshop: 60 or 120 Minutes – Consider leading and facilitating a hands-on workshop. The optional longer time format allows for time for attendees to try and practice a new skill, explore a new tool, or build an activity. Or, consider a symposia-style engagement that allows time for educators to work in groups to discuss and plan for the fall. The optional longer time format will allow you to both present information, pose questions and host conversations in groups.  The venue will be a classroom with tables and chairs.

Panel Discussion: 60 minutes – Perhaps there’s a topic that needs some investigation and debate…consider hosting a panel discussion or a round-table discussion? The venue will be either amphitheater/lecture hall or classroom with tables/chairs.

Student Showcase: 90 minutes —The Student Showcase hosts poster sessions for attendees to engage with students and educators to learn about a technology-enriched project/program. Perhaps your classroom or school received a grant, and you’d like to share what was done and what was learned? As a poster session host, you and your students are available to provide information, answer questions, and help attendees explore and learn about your project/program.

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