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Build a Guitar or Ukulele Program to Boost Your Music Enrollment

May 23, 2022, 1:30-4:00 PM

Special Conference Rate: $200 (includes a 10-student license of Moosiko, a $180 value) — You may add this to your online Dynamic Landscapes Registration or register for only this workshop.

For registrants who are not attending the Dynamic Landscapes conference, and are only attending this workshop, your registration fee covers the workshop plus provides you access to the Dynamic Landscapes Exposition and Innovation Lounge, but does not include all other conference workshops, keynotes, or meals.

Vita-Learn in partnership with Moosiko is offering Building a Guitar or Ukulele Program with Moosiko workshop at Dynamic Landscapes.

Looking to boost enrollment for your music program? Implement a guitar or ukulele class at your school in order to make music more accessible and fun for students of all ages. Studies show that offering relevant instruments such as guitar or ukulele attracts new students to music who often continue on to choir or band programs later. Plus guitar and ukulele are lifelong instruments that students can play long after they graduate. 
This workshop provides everything a music teacher or educator needs to get started and have a successful first year. We will cover: 
  • What resources you’ll need (instruments, curricula, accessories, edtech tools, etc.)
  • Curriculum and lesson plan walkthrough
  • Assessment and rubric ideas
  • Beginner intro to guitar and ukulele
  • Practice and assessment tools
  • Additional resources
Even for those who have never picked up a guitar or ukulele before, you’ll leave this workshop feeling confident in teaching these instruments to your students. 

Workshop Participants will receive:

  • 10-student licenses for Moosiko
    • Additional student licenses available separately at a discounted price.
  • Teacher account for Moosiko
  • In-Person 2.5 hour workshop with Moosiko founder and CEO, Dan Mascola

#1 Practice Tool for K12 Guitar, Ukulele, and Modern Band

Dan Mascola is the founder and CEO of Moosiko, an adaptive guitar and ukulele learning platform for schools used in over 150 districts by more than 6k students. Dan grew up in a family of teachers, with parents in early education and special education. He, however, took a different path to pursue an engineering degree and has spent 15 years working on software products for travel, food, and music companies. Music is a creative escape for Dan. He likes to write his own songs and jam with friends. After learning piano and guitar early on in life, Dan has added ukulele, banjo, and the harmonica to his toolbelt of instruments. With Moosiko, Dan is able to combine the education in his blood with his love of playing and making music.

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