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Unlock the love of learning with Breakout EDU!

Students playing Breakout+ on a computer

It's about the journey!

Our standards-aligned games challenge players to apply their content knowledge in a collaborative way. Uncovering clues alongside their peers creates an engaging and enriching adventure that successfully unlocks the love of learning!

4C Skills

Career Readiness

SEL Skills

With the recent launch of Breakout+, educational point-and-click adventure games, Breakout EDU continues to innovate and expand on new dimensions of educational gaming. With Breakout+, students are recipients of rich storytelling complete with sound effects, music, and narration that invite them to apply their knowledge in an interactive digital environment modeled after point-and-click adventure games they already love. 

“We believe in transforming education through experiences that unlock the love of learning for all students,” said Adam Bellow, CEO of Breakout EDU. “Breakout+ is yet another way we provide classrooms with gateways to develop critical 21st-century skills. We’re helping to shape tomorrow’s leaders in today’s classrooms, one exciting adventure at a time.”

Check out all that Breakout EDU has to offer, including Breakout+, by signing up for a 14-day free trial.

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