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Join us for VT Fest 2016, November 3-4 at the Killington Grand!


Vermont’s premier Fall education conference November 3-4 2016 at the Killington Grand Resort, Killington, VT!

It’s different this year!

More collaboration. More challenges. More collaborative time. More… well, you’ll see…

Visit the VT Fest Conference Web Site for all the details to register and to submit a proposal!

Are you a vendor interested in VT Fest 2016?
We have some great spaces for you! Get all the details here!


 Why VT Fest?


Connect, explore innovation, meet peers, and refresh and, yes, recharge at VT Fest in early November each year! Save the dates! We hope to see you there!


Congratulations Ericka Page, our DL2016 2K Ambassador Grant Winner!


Ericka Page from North Country Middle School is our DL2016 Grand Prize 2k Ambassador Grant Winner!

Here’s Ericka’s project below! We’ll hear more about Ericka’s project at DL2017!

“I am currently a social studies teacher at North Country Jr. High. I just signed my contract to become our school’s librarian for next year. A goal of mine is to revitalize our library into a collaborative learning commons. I would use this money to make the library more welcoming for our students, including but not limited to: furniture and a mini maker space. With budget cuts at our rural VT school this would make a large impact.”

Dynamic Landscapes 2016 was a HUGE success!

dl16 copy

Dynamic Landscapes 2016 was the best yet!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.53.24 AM
The perfect venue for a Spring conference, Champlain College, VT!

Surveys are in and Dynamic Landscapes 2016 was our highest rated conference yet!

Thanks to all our attendees, presenters, immersive workshop and advanced maker class folk for sharing their innovation! To our vendors, thank you as well for supporting Vermont education!

It’s a lot of work to put on a conference and here’s a special thank you to…

The VSLA and VITA-Learn boards!

Kathy Lawrence and Shannon DeSantis from the VSLA!

Lucie Delabruere for organizing the Innovation Space!

Jessica Wilson for her incredible work on the DL website, surveys, Sched, and certificate work!

Donna Sullivan-Macdonald for organizing the BBQ!

Diana Laufenberg for helping assemble our immersive presenters from abroad!

Caleb Clark for organizing the advanced maker classes at the EMC!

Sue Lindberg and the staff at Champlain College!

Paul Irish, the VITA-Learn Executive Director for all of his work!

A special thank you to our conference organizers Ed Barry and Sue Hoffer! Ed and Sue have decided to retire this year and we thank them for their involvement in State conferences since 1986!


Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.52.24 AM

Here are some great changes coming up in the Fall or 2016 and in 2017!

VT Fest 2016
Charge up at VT Fest 2016 at the Killington Grand Resort in early November, 2016! VT Fest will feature immersive workshops and workgroups to learn, sessions of all shapes and sizes, creative spaces to help you innovate, and a new social event for the whole conference!

DL 2017
If you thought DL 2016 was great… just wait! We’ve got some great changes in motion for this conference in late May 2017!

Regional Workshops throughout VT!
Regional Workshops fire up in September 2016! Grab some FREE PD at a location near you! Stay tuned as events will be added to the VL calendar in the Fall! Vermont is a #GoOpen State and we’ll be offering workshops throughout Vermont on what Open Education Resources can do for our schools!

Book your trip to any VL conference in the Fall
Reserve your PD money in the Fall! We’ll be offering vouchers to all VITA-Learn conferences starting in late August!

Vermont Innovation Summit 2016
Negotiations are underway to assemble all the leaders from every group, foundation, State government and VT Legislature for a (much needed) leadership summit! Getting all the organization communicating and working together… it’s time!

Connecting with New England ISTE!
We’re in talks to open up opportunities to share innovation more readily with our neighbors! Stay tuned!

So there’s a few quick updates!

We’re taking more care than ever to build learning opportunities into new formats and help people innovate! We’re just getting started.

Please spread us spread the word! Membership to VITA-Learn is free! Grab some familiar faces and help the new folks get acclimated to PD resources and innovation in Vermont!

Thank you so much for all the incredible work you do for kids and communities in Vermont!

Have a rejuvenating Summer season!


Adam Provost, President

Project IGNITE 2016 was a success! Recap notes and links!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.20.04 PM

Congratulations to all our 2016 IGNITE teachers!

The event in Montpelier was a success!

video by Michael, @PrincipalBerry, Berry

Many thanks to all the participants, Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe, to Lucie deLaBruere and Charlie Wilson for organizing, and to Lori Lisai for leading the group in the Design Thinking challenge.

Here’s the summary of all the the IGNITE educators and teams!

Here’s are two more links on the day:

Design Challenge, resources and Agenda for the day

IGNITE Twitter list (curated by Bonnie Birdsall!

IGNITE 2016 Photo Album!

We’ve got some heavy hitters coming to DL 2016!

dl16 copy


Immersive Workshops at DL 2016… all included in the regular admission price!

We’ve got more opportunities than ever before to expand your learning! Dive into an Immersive 1/2 day or full day workshop with an expert!  We’ve got an expert lineup coming! Here are just a few!

Click here for the full Immersive Workshop Schedule

zacZac Chase

Building School 2.0 (1/2 day)

Zac Chase and Chris Lehmann literally wrote the book on Building School 2.0. The model outlined in Building School 2.0 presents ninety-five theses that are designed to help educators and administrators—in all schools both private and public—examine specific practices in their own schools. These ninety-five theses are written with the intention to open conversations and elicit questions for educators and administrators to explore with colleagues. Join Zac for an immersive workshop that challenges educators and administrators to construct more modern and humane spaces for our most cherished resource: our students.

mbTEach!Mary Beth Hertz

Building a Student Centric Advisory Program (full day)

A well crafted advisory program can serve as the anchor of a school system. Building strong relationships between students and a faculty advocate throughout their school experience is challenging and incredibly rewarding at the student, staff and school level. Join Mary Beth in a workshop that explores the qualities of an effective advisory program and work to bring the best of advisory into your school environment.

JakesDavid Jakes

Design Thinking (1/2 day)

This conversation engages participants in a holistic treatment of the design thinking process, and helps them to begin developing a design mind, one that sees problems and issues always as a design problem. Participants will form design teams, and use the process of design thinking to address a contemporary issue surrounding education (design provocation). Embedded in this conversation will be strategies to help participants vision design thinking as a 21st Century pedagogy, and one that deeply engages students in developing solutions to human needs. Additionally, other components that support the process, such as developing the types of learning spaces that support such design thinking, will be addressed. After developing a prototype solution, participants will have an opportunity to share and receive feedback on their designs.


Designing Modern Learning Spaces (Full day)

Connective technologies, mobile devices, and new global learning opportunities are reshaping how, what and where people learn. Conversely, traditional brick and mortar schools are composed of decades-old classrooms designed to support a different type of learning from a different age. So, do our current schools, to maintain relevance and effectiveness, need to rethink how their spaces are used to support learning in a connected world? The answer is yes. In this session, we’ll explore exemplars of physical space design and strategies for rethinking how “classrooms” can be rethought to support a more contemporary learning experience.

DianaDiana Laufenberg

Student Centric PLPs (1/2 day)

Focusing on the student as the most important agent in their own education is the goal of PLPs. Join Diana to workshop the ins and outs of making this process relevant, meaningful and effective. Practical examples and time for works-hopping your best and biggest ideas for helping students find their own voice and agency in their education.


Using Your Time Wisely: Reimanging School Scheduling (1/2 day)

One of the largest drivers in a school experience is the schedule. It is also one of the least innovative pieces of the school experience. Join Diana to discuss a variety of approaches and models of school schedules to meet the educational mission and vision of your educational setting.

latimerBrad Latimer

Project Based Mathematics 9-12 (Full day)

Brad Latimer is an expert in inquiry and project based math from the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia and will be coming to DL! Latimer will bring tons of battle tested example projects for grades 9-12 and lead this immersive discussion to move math away form worksheets and into perplexing problems and deeply collaborative student work. Come with questions and leave with great resources, strategies and connections!

marcinek Andy Marcinek

Open Education Resources (1/2 day)

The U.S. Department of Education’s #GoOpen campaign encourages states, school districts and educators to use openly licensed educational materials to transform teaching and learning. Learn what it takes to be a #GoOpen District or State and how to begin or sustain that work.


Open Educational Resources in the Classroom (1/2 day)
With the advent of so many online resources, teachers are fortunate to be able to pull from a vast pool of resources. As an expert in the field of OER and the Chief Open Education Advisor at the Office of Education Technology, join Andrew in a hands on, immersive workshop to locate, evaluate and incorporate more open educational resources in your classroom.


And More! Check the full immersive schedule list for more details!

Click here for the Immersive Workshop Schedule


VL Regional PD meetings are coming up!


VL regional meetings are coming up! Free food and door prizes! Connect with educators in your neighborhood!

VITA-Learn Southwest wants you!

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out in Google Forms.

Vita Learn SW Regional Meeting

JOIN US for our VITA-Learn SW Regional Gathering
May 3, 2016 4:30 – 630

Clarendon Elementary School
84 Grange Hall Road
North Clarendon, VT 05759
Google Map:

Meet and greet
Peter Drescher – Statewide Digital Learning Plans
Joe Bertelloni – Google Classroom
Innovation Roundup – Please share a spark of innovation that lit up your school year!
Drawing for $100 Mini Grant

Central Region Vita-Learn Meeting: March 29, 2016

Special Topic: Leverage Digital Tools to Access the Power of  Story

Focus:  Leverage Digital Tools to Access the Power of  Story

4:00 – 4:10  Introductions and Welcome

4:10 Your Story, Your Path: How Our Stories Shape Our Direction?

John Spinney, Agency of Education

John will share his vision for using storytelling as a powerful experience that can inform and improve the flexible education pathways outlined in student’s PLPs.

4:20    Story Core: The Heart of Digital Storytelling

Gary Lee Miller, Freelance Film Producer, Writer, Journalist, Creative

Gary will lead us through a workshop that helps our students craft better stories, and by doing so, to create more engaging, compelling, and emotionally satisfying digital stories.
See full description below.

5:20 Networking and Munchies

Join us for pizza and great conversation at Positive Pie.

Pizza’s on us!

Southeast Vita-Learn PD meeting –  March 29, 2016


Bellows Falls Union High School  directions

Tuesday, March 29   3:30-5:30

RSVP here (click the link to fill out the form)


1.  Announcements from Vita-learn and AOE

2.  PD worktime – GOOGLE JAM Session!  

Bring your favorite device, questions or problems with any google tool, and knowledge to share. This will be a “Jam Session” of various tools facilitated by your questions and issues where we can collaboratively work to solve issues and learn tips and tricks. The session will expand into all realms of google which could include, but not limited to; drive, slides, docs, youtube, calendar, classroom, add ons, sites, search,  maps, google plus, earth, iphone and android apps associated with google, chrome os, chrome tools….etc. Bring your devices, bring your issues, leave as a google ninja!

NW  Vita-Learn Meeting    April 8 

Agenda and RSVP (So they can plan food!)

April 8th
Mount Mansfield Union High School
Chittenden East School District

Save the Date! Dynamic Landscapes at Champlain College is May 23-24, 2016!


Save the date!

The Dynamic Landscapes conference at Champlain College is set for May 23-24, 2016!

The call for presentations and immersive workshops (see below!) will be out soon!

A few highlights include:

  • Another knockout Creation and Innovation Space: Try new things and build new skills at your own pace with mentors!
  • 1/2 day, full day, and two day immersive workshops! Dig deep into a new subject with an expert trainer! Programming, animation, gaming, robotics, PLPs, Project Based Education in various subjects! Some sessions will include options to extend the work into graduate and recertification credit! New partnerships and invitations will help bring incredible depth to these immersive workshops!
  • New edCamp style meeting spaces! Pitch an idea, grow a conversation and we’ll help you advertise it!
  • New social events to get people meeting and sharing ideas! metope with peers at sponsored social events and explore many downtown venues in lakeside Burlington!
  • Conference sessions of all shapes and sizes: 1/2 hour, hour, and 1.5 hour un-conference discussions!

We’ve got some great keynotes lined up and we hope to see you at DL 2016!

VT Fest 2015 is a wrap!



We hope you loved VT Fest 2015!

Many thanks to all the attendees, presenters, Creative and Innovation space mentors, vendors, and organizers.

If you’re looking for presenter notes from sessions, check the session page in!

We’re just getting started. VT Fest 2016 is set to be more innovative, more social, and present more opportunities to build and share ideas.














Workshop added on Wednesday Nov 4 at VT Fest by Keynote Speaker Diana Laufenberg

Don’t miss keynote speaker Diana Laufenberg’s great workshop on Nov 4, 5 – 7pm called ‘Making Learning Personal!’

“Students are the most important and interesting resource in the educational landscape. As we consider how to continue to improve the educational experience, it is important to focus on creating space in the school day for authentic, meaningful, student driven learning experiences. Join Diana Laufenberg for a conversation about how to build systems and structures that will empower students to become effective agents and advocates of their own learning paths.”

See what’s new at VT Fest and register before spots fill up!