Dynamic Landscapes May 22-23, 2017!

The Dynamic Landscapes 2017 conference at Champlain College was May 22-23, 2017!


Last year ROCKED!  This year was even better!  Here are just a few highlights!

  • Student Keynote Competition!
  • Student Strands! Presentation strands with students and adults this year!
  • Another knockout Creation and Innovation Space: New things and new skills at your own pace with mentors!
  • 1/2 day, full day, and two day immersive workshops! Diana Laufenberg, David Jakes, Brad Latimer and Matt Kay.
  • EdCamp style meeting spaces! Pitch an idea, grow a conversation and we’ll help you advertise it!
  • New social events to get people meeting and sharing ideas! Network with peers at sponsored social events and explore many downtown venues in lakeside Burlington!

Spread the word!  Check the Dynamic Landscapes website for all the latest!